Life Direction Counselling         Life Direction – Where Too Now?          

          How often have you said to yourself   “I’m stuck – I’m not ‘insane’ – just feel a bit ‘out of sorts’ – people say they understand but I see the look they give me – let’s face it – how can they if I don’t understand myself.  I’m a bit of a mess at the moment”.

This is where Life Direction Counselling can help – I will listen to your story and  help you untangle your life and work out where you want to be – and then work with you to come up with strategies that will get you there. 

My aim is to empower you to choose your direction and to take back control and make the choices that are right for you.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to life – each one of us is unique – let’s embrace the differences.

I’m not going to judge you – we have all made not so good choices along the way – I’ll work with your addictions (drugs/alcohol/smoking etc etc….); I’ll help you make a career choice at any stage of your life and help you decide when is the right time to move on to a new job – and coach you in what steps you will have to take to make it happen.

I am available to counsel and/or coach in whatever area is required and have a particular interest in the following services.  I invite you to look at these pages and see how I can help you:

Grief and Loss  (not confined to death – this is much broader)

Relationships  (we are part of so many different relationships)

Life Coach ( we can all do with some guidance along the way)

Life Retirement Coach (a big step – whether you are excited, scared or both by the change in lifestyle)

Life Marriage Coach (Let’s set the foundations to sustain what is already a great relationship)