Relationship Counselling

During your lifetime you will be involved in many ‘relationships’. These can be made up of:

Husband : Wife
Parent : Child
Brother : Sister
De Facto – Extended Family – all of the above
Teacher : Student
School Friend – Work Colleague – Team Mate 

It is unrealistic to think these relationships will all run smoothly all of the time – they won’t!

In a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment, counselling sessions can help you identify what the fundamental issues are. They provide an opportunity to talk to someone about your feelings and inner conflicts without fear of being judged.

Therapies and strategies will be explored to re-establish the core strengths and values that make the relationship worth fighting for.

In some cases mediation and group sessions are encouraged.

To arrange an appointment please contact me on: 040 7711 616


Individual Session (1 hour duration)             $75

Couple Session (1 hour duration)                    $95