Angela Pringle, Dip. Prof. Couns.

Member Australian Counselling Association

Graduate Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

Certificate in Life Coaching Essentials

“I have been lucky enough to always have people around to help when I have needed them

Now it is time for me to give back – I hope to help others as I have been helped”.

 You have your own life story, your own life goals and your own set of values.  Sometimes that life story seems to get stuck in a loop and it’s easy to lose sight of your goals. You can’t see your way through a particular problem and become stressed and often emotional and non-productive.

My job as a COUNSELLOR is to help you move through the problem and to ultimately arrive at the next chapter in your life – written the way you want your story to read – it is your life story after all!!

As a qualified LIFE COACH I work with you to create the change and structure you need to reach your life goals and ambitions. It is a very practical approach to defining goals and working on what you need to do to ensure success.  Life Coaching is a form of mentoring and adaptable to all situations.

The Services I offer are detailed more fully on the My Services page.


 →  I have rooms available in the North East suburbs of Adelaide

→  Coffee Shop Counselling – Adelaide City – your choice of coffee shop

or, if you are in a remote location, phone consultations can be arranged