Angela Pringle, Dip. Prof. Couns.

Member Australian Counselling Association

Graduate Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

“I have been lucky enough to always have people around to help when I have needed them

Now it is time for me to give back – I hope to help others as I have been helped”.

 You have your own life story, your own life goals and your own set of values.  Sometimes that life story seems to get stuck in a loop and it’s easy to lose sight of your goals. You can’t see your way through a particular problem and become stressed and often emotional and non-productive.

My job as a counsellor is to help you move through the problem and to ultimately arrive at the next chapter in your life – written the way you want your story to read – it is your life story after all!!

The Services I offer are detailed more fully on the Counselling Services page.


 →  I have rooms available in the North East suburbs of Adelaide

→  Coffee Shop Counselling – Adelaide City – your choice of coffee shop

or, if you are in a remote location, phone consultations can be arranged