Life Coach

 Life Coaching

Ask Yourself:

Do you ‘sort of’ know what you want out of life? 

Are you getting conflicting advice from well-meaning family and friends?

Does everything tend to go in the ‘too hard’ basket?

Are you lacking in motivation?


If you have answered yes to any/all of the above then you will benefit from having a Life Coach.

A Life Coach helps you get some structure into your life – motivates and mentors you – doesn’t matter what the topic is.

As your Life Coach I am there for you – sessions are very flexible and programs are negotiated to suit your needs.  Following your initial session, a program is set up for a package of hours – to be used either face:face, via Video Conferencing, or by phone – whatever is determined to best benefit you.  I bring my coaching skills; counselling qualifications;  life experience and a professional outlook to motivate you and help you become the best you can be.


To arrange an appointment please contact me on: 040 7711 616

Initial Individual Session (1 hour duration)             $85

Initial Couple Session (1 hour duration)                    $105

Subsequent Program Sessions per negotiation