Life Marriage Coach

  ***Exciting New Service***

Life Marriage Coaching


You are off to a great start – you love each other and have made the decision to spend the rest of your life together – your Marriage Celebrant will legalise your commitment, taking you through your special day so that it is a day filled with love and fond memories.

As your Life Marriage Coach I will help you define your joint goals and aspirations and set up the building blocks which will take you on your married journey well equipped to meet challenges along the way and to stay ‘on the same page’ – strengthening your love and commitment as you go.


Ideally you’ll get started with a Life Marriage Coach before you take your vows (some Religions require you spend some time with a Counsellor [such as myself] before they will marry you) – however Life Marriage Coaching can be started at any time.

To arrange an appointment please contact me on: 040 7711 616

Initial Session (1 hour duration)             $105

Subsequent Program Sessions fee by negotiation