If you are someone who:

has some difficult home/work/life choices to make;

doesn’t have easy access to transport;

works long hours;

travels a lot;

then phone or on-line counselling may be perfect for you.

There are times when you know you need some help but just don’t see how you are going to fit it into your busy schedule, particularly if appointments are only available during hours you are working.  Or it may be that time isn’t an issue but you don’t have access to a car or public transport.  This is where phone or video counselling can be of benefit – it provides the ability to have a professional counselling session at a time that suits you without you having to factor in ‘travel time’.   You are in a comfortable, safe environment – usually your home but it could be your garden or the local park!  An added benefit is that you can initiate or continue sessions while away on holiday or travelling with business.  Don’t let time and transport become obstacles to prevent you moving on in your life. 

Sessions are not recorded and confidentiality protocols are adhered to.

Call me on 040 7711 616 to book a phone or 0n-line counselling session

Cost: individual $75 per session, couple $95 per session (approx. 1 hour)

payable by direct debit one day prior to the session (details given at time of booking)