Transition to Retirement


The time has come – or has it??


Work/Life Balance
Financial Situation
 Family Commitments
 Goals still to be Reached
 Health Considerations 
What will I do?

For some it is a long awaited stage of life and they can’t wait to embrace it – but have they considered the detail?

For some it is a forced upon them by unforeseen circumstances – how to turn it into an opportunity rather than the ‘end of the line’?

Whatever your circumstances, I can sit down with you and, in a safe and confidential setting help you decide what is going to be the best outcome for you – and then how to achieve it.  It’s OK to be scared by the prospect of retirement – and at the same time to be excited – it is a big step.  You will be leaving your pre-retirement life behind – you may or may not have the support of your family in the new lifestyle you are proposing.

The important thing to remember is that this is all about you – I am happy and qualified to help you with the transition.

To arrange an appointment please contact me on: 040 7711 616

Fees:         (note:  Senior Card Concession 10%)

Individual Session (1 hour duration)             $70

Couple Session (1 hour duration)                    $95